March 15, 2006

President and FEMA Refuse to Deliver Thousands of FEMA Trailers to New Orleans Flood Victims!

Senator Mark Pryor writes on his website that there are thousands of FEMA trailers sitting parked hundreds of miles away from New Orleans in (HOPE – Yes – HOPE!), Arkansas because President Bush refuses to sign the papers to deliver them. Why – because FEMA will not deliver trailers to a flood plain and New Orleans is in one. Senator Pryor is asking for a one-time exception to the rule, and hasn’t gotten it. Instead the citizens for whom the trailers were made are still living in tents 6 months after Katrina. It is my understanding that 4 and 1/2 million dollars had already been spent to prepare the area to receive the trailers.

What utter ridiculousness!

I say, don’t ask for a one-time exception. Instead, ask that the rule be dropped. New Orleans isn’t the only city in a flood plain. Heck, we can’t even up-date our railroad infrastructure - as has the rest of the West and Japan - much less move entire cities and their populations to higher ground.

This situation proves but one thing. We are increasingly a self-satisfied and pious, heartless and stingy people, and this president is the perfect example of our niggardly behavior.

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