March 01, 2006

Twenty-eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution Comes to a Vote in Senate this June
As frightening as it seems to me, major political and religious figures in this country are still pushing for an amendment to our constitution that will make lesbian and gay people second-class citizens. I read in an article in USA Today, Tuesday, February 21, 2006, by Andrea Stone, “Both sides say their concern is the children,” and am shocked to see that my fear as stated two weeks ago in “Stephen Gulliver’s Journal” is one small step away from becoming reality this year.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., said the U.S. Senate will vote again on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in June. The House of Representatives passed such a measure two years ago.


Thus, if the Senate should pass the 28th amendment in June, it will become law!
It is time for every gay man and woman, liberal Christian straight man and woman, Democratic Party man and woman, moderate Republican man and woman, or any combination thereof to write their Senators and threaten to vote the jerks out of office should they vote for such a travesty.

I know that the tone of this entry conveys my concern, fear and anger about living in a United States of America that is in danger of becoming a fascist state. At this point in time, Stephen Gulliver’s reality and ours are but a smidgeon apart.

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