February 19, 2006

Bush Whitehouse Will Destroy New Orleans and Gulf Coast through Lack of Interest!
The recently released House Probe on Katrina, published by a Republican congress, demonstrates the lack of response by the Bush Whitehouse, State, and local governments to the greatest natural catastrophe in our nation’s history. See House Probe on Katrina Spreads blame, by Lara Jakes Jordan, from the abc news Website.

The State of the Union Address almost three weeks ago and Michael Brown’s testimony in the Senate Friday week before last demonstrated just how complete is President Bush’s lack of concern. See “Summary Box: A Defiant Michael Brown”, Associated Press in the Washington Post, February 10, 2006. The Bush Whitehouse intends to allow the poor people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast rot, because the War in Iraq and making the cut in taxes for Wealthy Americans permanent are the important things on this government’s agenda. I am repeatedly amazed that our middle class hasn’t figured out that Bush has no interest in them other than as fodder for his wealth-making machine. Tragically, Bush’s perfunctory mention of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast in his 2006 State of the Union Address seems to reflect national opinion on the issue. Most Americans are ready to write the Gulf Coast off. See “Is It Really Goodbye and Good luck New Orleans” by Jim Hoagland in the Huston Chronicle on line, February 5, 2006. We, along with this president and his cronies seem to be so self-centered as individuals and communities that we cannot place ourselves in the other fellow’s shoes.

We are becoming a nation of curmudgeons. Shame on us!


I have donated money to Habitat for Humanity with the stipulation that it be used to help rebuild the homes of poorer citizens of New Orleans in their own neighborhoods because the character of New Orleans grew from these people and the lives they led in their home parishes. Jazz became the keynote (pun intended) of New Orleans because of these folks. Do we really wish to turn our backs on them?

Anyone reading this, please contribute to Habitat for Humanity.

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