February 16, 2006

Old Recordings of Saddam Hussein Demonstrate that There Were No WMD at the Time of the 2003 Invasion!
The CIA found the tapes, and there are 12 authentic hours of tape recordings that our government kept secret. Saddam Hussein states that he warned the USA of terrorist attacks, and he also says that the attacks would not come from Iraq, but might involve weapons of mass destruction. See the report “Congress's Secret Saddam Tapes,” in the New York Sun, dated February 7, 2006 that states Congress possessed the tapes and would release them on February 17th.

Of course, our government kept the tapes secret. Instead, they were provided by Bill Tierney a former member of a United Nations inspection team, and they aired on ABC “World News Tonight”. The conversations between Hussein and members of his family and Cabinet indicate that Iraq had WMD at one time, and that they planned to have them again when the opportunity and circumstances allowed.

I have not found an article on the Internet also stating the obvious - that the tapes demonstrate there were no WMD at the time of the 2003 invasion – which is why our government kept the tapes secret.

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