February 03, 2006

North Palm Beach County

Blowing Rocks on Jupiter Island has become my favorite place to drive to and then take a walk. Some of the beach is primal, as it was when the Seminoles still lived along the Loxahatchee River. When the park is manned, it costs three dollars to get in unless you walk along the beach from the south end parking area. I did that once. It was exhausting. I had to stop and sit in the sand over and over again. And, going back was worse. That’s my age speaking. I saw a young couple walking out to the rocks, and they were having no problem with the hike. However, yesterday I paid the three dollars and walked on the park’s narrow boardwalk, over the sea grape covered dunes and on to the beach and ancient prehistoric reef. I found some olive shells of various sizes beside the reef, and in round holes carved into it by the pounding Atlantic waters. They're a narrow egg shape with a spiraling point at one end and pale hatch marks in tans and lavender on a white to cream and tan ground. In midwinter, when the current is from the right direction, the water here turns to a deep emerald green. And when the waves break, the color name “sea-foam” comes to mind, though there is no way to describe the pale tints of aqua and green created. I took some photographs out there yesterday. I was there during low tide, so there were no waterspouts. Nevertheless, the sun was low in the west creating perfect light.

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