January 08, 2006

God Gave Sharon the Stroke as Punishement.
Once again, the evangelical preacher Pat Robertson has demonstrated his belief that he has personal knowledge of God’s will. I have had conversations with enough evangelicals at THE BIG NEEDLE, to know that most of them believe they also have a direct line to The Almighty. Robertson, at his Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia Beach also said last Thursday, January 5, 2006, that God was punishing Sharon because he had divided Israel, giving part of it to the Palestinians. In practically the same breath, Robertson claimed to be a personal friend of Sharon, having prayed with him approximately a year ago.

What’s the old saw about friends and enemies?

During his discussion Robertson also referred to the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin in 1995 and stated that God arranged for that to happen because Rabin was also trying to divide the land between Israel and Palestinians. Interesting statements in that both Rabin’s and Sharon’s proposals, were/are meant to stabilize the region, stop the suicide bombings and military retaliation, ultimately, to reconcile Arab and Jew to the fact that they have common ancestry (Read your Bible o ye fundamentalists!). Palestinians and Jews have lived in Palestine as far back as Biblical times. Abraham’s (Abram’s) father was not a Jew. Instead, he made idols for worship by the proto-Arab/Jewish population in Babylonia. Abraham gave land to Isaac (my namesake) and Lot (Abram’s son and nephew respectively) and they went in separate directions. Everyone knows the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, or, rather everyone thinks they do. However, that is another issue. It is necessary here, only to say that Lot through incest with his daughters, sires Moab and Ammon, who become Israel’s arch enemies. Thus, it appears that Lot is the progenitor of the Arab world. Isaac is the progenitor of Israel. All of this happens because Abraham must divide land among his family so that each branch may survive.

Robertson’s statements are divisive. His actual intention is not the geographical integrity of Israel. Rather, he would make the world and God perform according to his own preconceived anachronistic evangelical notion of God’s word, based on the ancient necessity that each family group within a tribe have enough land to sustain itself. However, it is only a part of the purposeful distortion of actuality in order to support a divisive view of the world that would have us all destroyed in the impending evangelical apocalyptic conflagration.

Some of my all knowing evangelical neighbors at PRICKLY NEEDLE MANOR actually believe that the Bush invasion of Iraq, AKA known as The Second Gulf War, should it escalate to include all of the Middle East, and finally the world, is just God’s decision to annihilate the world in the great and final battle, Armageddon. In that view, Bush is acting under God’s direction to bring about the end of the world!

Thank you God, for not allowing me to have such bizarre misconceptions about my own importance in the universe.

I have Arrived in Miami

I’m treating myself to two nights at the Fontainebleau, and then I’ll go find cheaper digs. My room is costing a small fortune, and it’s not that great. However, I’ve walked through the coconut groves and gardens behind the hotel, and looked at the magnificent pool with grottos, and waterfalls and I know that I’m in a tropical paradise. I walked to the beach behind the grove, and my eyes practically jumped from my head when I saw the aqua colored Atlantic water. It looks like the Caribbean. I’ve included a picture of South Beach and the beautiful Atlantic beyond with this entry.

However, It’s not warm here right now. The locals tell me that it does this during January. They say that it may be in the mid to upper seventy’s for a few days, and then a Canadian front comes through, the temperature drops to the low sixties during the day, and the low forties at night and the natives go into hiding for a few days. To me it feels like a wonderful fall day in October back in Lancaster County. The air is cool, and crisp. I feel exquisitely alive as I explore this incredible city. I’ve been taking photographs everywhere I go. I’ll write more about Miami later, Dear Journal.


Miami’s South Beach

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