December 05, 2005

John Kerry hasn’t the strength to carry the Iraq war through.
I just listened to the above phrase on CNN.

I don't understand. Why are we talking about what John Kerry would or wouldn't do? We are stuck with G. W. Bush for three more years!

America made a BIG mistake that has led to other mistakes, one after another, and we're stuck with all of them. What’s more important is that so many Americans don’t want to admit the mistakes. So many of us are entrenched in a divisive religious practice that splinters the country into male versus female, heterosexual versus homosexual, Muslim versus Christian, and other opposites that don’t make sense to anyone who uses their God given intelligence.

As I’ve often said, I don’t pretend to understand God’s intent, but I know that he/she is a good and just God. Thus, I don’t believe God can possibly be happy with the political choices this neo-con evangelical country has made at the beginning of the new century. In fact, I don’t think he/she can possibly be happy with the terribly divisive, conservative and destructive religious and political direction the entire planet seems to have chosen.

Perhaps we should each work toward the promise God made to us when he gave us the baby Jesus over two thousand years ago.

My wish for us all…

Peace, love, and a wonderful Christmas season everyone.

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