December 01, 2005

Bush speech yesterday gave us nothing new
One article I read suggested that the President had “Mapped” out a strategy.

All Democrats and concerned Republicans as well should be asking questions. Strategy? What strategy? Why did anyone go along with this madness in the first place? How does a reiteration of the past and present state of affairs in Iraq comprise a strategy?

I do agree with Mr. Bush, that, since we are there, we cannot pull out and leave a power vacuum. However, we must have a plan - something against which to measure success. Why hasn’t President Bush described a plan and strategy in Iraq? Afterall, his plan for Education, "No Child Left Behind" demands that educators improve the performance of ALL CHILDREN each and every year as compaired to the previous year. If that does not happen, funding is removed, which has caused those most in need to be left behind.

The Answer(s)

1. Perhaps Mr. Bush doesn’t have a plan in Iraq.
2. A plan might demonstrate a lack of success.

An actual strategy includes measurable goals, such as…

1. By March of 2006 there will be 40 battalions of Iraqi troops involved directly in fighting the war.
2. These battalions will be successful as measured by…
a. battles won
b. insurgents captured and imprisoned
c. a decrease in attacks on civilians and military personnel.

3. Should numbers 1 and 2 be achieved, U.S. troops will be reduced by one third.
4. By December of 2006 there will be fewer than 3 attacks on civilian and / or military personnel per month.
5. Should number 4 above be achieved, U.S. troops will be reduced by a second third.

I don’t pretend to be a military strategist, and perhaps my goals are too simplistic. Nevertheless, the President has experts at his fingertips and should be able to create a viable strategy with realistic goals.

Enough said.

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