November 22, 2005

Make no mistake, Judge Samuel Alito has demonstrated in the past that he is against a woman’s right to have an abortion!

In an article titled “Alito boasts of his work against abortion during Reagan administration,” Associated Press writer Jesse J. Holland quotes documents released by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Monday, November 14, 2005.

"I am particularly proud of my contributions in recent cases in which the government argued that racial and ethnic quotas should not be allowed and that the Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion," wrote Alito, who was then working for the solicitor general's office.”

On Tuesday, November 15, 2005, Holland seemed to mitigate Monday’s story writing “President George W. Bush’s Supreme Court nominee distanced himself Tuesday from his 1985 comments that there was no constitutional right to abortion, telling a senator in private that he had merely been ‘an advocate seeking a job.’”

Judge Alito’s remarks, past and present must be viewed within the greater fracas over abortion that has been raging between conservative and liberal forces for thirty-five years. It is about language, binary opposition and the Western proclivity to see the universe and God as functioning solely within our human understanding of opposition. The far right, dare I say fundamentalist Christian church has redirected language about women’s rights so that one is against life if one is for women’s rights. The pros and cons have been offered again and again. However, it is true (and I do claim that there are truths in this universe) that one can be for a woman’s right to abortion, and at the same time not wish to destroy a fetus. The issue is much more complex than the fallacy of opposition would suggest, and extreme conservatives must not be allowed to use The Law to limit individual’s rights in a free society.

More About Ruth

I reported my conversation with Ruth about the Florida trip on Thursday, November 17th, and, yes, she did forbid me to go to Florida, saying, “If you persist with your delusional behavior and make this trip, I shall see my attorney and have you declared incompetent.” So, I will submit myself to a psychiatric evaluation before leaving. Of course, I shall not mention my alternate universe, Varnastrama, or Stephen Gulliver’s “Straight World.” Why supply the opposition with ammunition?

Katrina Relief

I’m still plugging American Friends Service Committee for relief along the Gulf Coast. Long term help is necessary to return the poor to their parishes and repair the damage done to those neighborhoods that gave New Orleans it’s cuisine and culture. Soon, the Red Cross will move on to other crises. The Friends are much more likely to do good things for the unfortunate people of the region than anyone I can think of. They do not discriminate, and they will not proselytize while helping those who wish to return reestablish themselves.

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