October 16, 2005

Carl Rove in Court
Whether or not Carl Rove is indicted for exposing Valerie Plame as a CIA agent, it is a certainty that he was involved directly in her “outing.” The White House has stopped defending Rove, and an article, “Rove Makes 4th Grand Jury Appearance,” by A.P. writer Pete Yost makes it obvious that it is up to special council Patrick Fitzgerald to bring the indictment forward or close the investigation by October 28, 2005, the date the grand jury’s term expires. Fitzgerald is Republican so the possibility that the investigation might be terminated without closure is a possibility all be it remote since he has a reputation built on investigations of persons from both parties.

For a complete background on Carl Rove check Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

I finally told Jim about my proposed trip to Florida.

Jim is doing better and better. He has regained partial use of his left hand and he works it daily using the exercises his therapist gave him. He can now grasp, lift and move small objects around, though he claims he has little strength there. He is pleased with himself, and I have been so encouraged that I finally told him about Florida. He said that he was pleased for me, and that if I found a place he would come visit during the depths of winter. Wow!

I'm just an old fart with a dream, but I think I'm still healthy enough to make it happen. Hopefully I will leave for Florida within two weeks. I am dreaming of exotic tropical flora and sparkling aqua waters.



Katrina Relief

Remember, it will take years to bring parts of the Gulf Coast back. And, NO, as some are so foolish to think, the answer is not to give up thousands of square miles to human habitation. Donate money to the American Friends Service Committee for relief along the Gulf Coast. The Friends are much more likely to do good things for the unfortunate people of the region than anyone I can think of, and they will not proselytize while doing so.

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