October 03, 2005

I expect I will leave for Florida at the end of next week anyway. I have not told Ruth and I won’t until I’m on the road. I’ll call using my cell phone when I’m at least 500 miles away from The Huge Prick (Pine Needle Manor). I haven’t mentioned it to Jim either, because I know it will upset him. Besides, I’ll be back, even if I do purchase a condominium. I have to come back in order to make arrangements to sell my apartment at good old Prickly Needle, and to move and / or sell my furniture. I’m so excited at the prospect of this project that I’m about to jump out of my wrinkly and crinkled old skin.

Here is the type of house I will be looking for. It's the Ca d'Zan (House of John, John Ringling that is) in Sarasota, Florida. Oh yeah!


Katrina Relief

Remember, it will take years to bring parts of the Gulf Coast back. And, NO, as some are so foolish to think, the answer is not to give up thousands of square miles to human habitation. Donate money to the American Friends Service Committee for relief along the Gulf Coast. The Friends are much more likely to do good things for the unfortunate people of the region than anyone I can think of, and they will not proselytize while doing so.

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