September 06, 2005

Supreme Court Chess
Conservative and Evangelical Politics in the Future Neo-con Supreme Court

William H. Rehnquist is dead.
He fought a valiant battle
Against Death’s black head.

Bush has nominated
Roberts to court’s head.
Dark horse?
Pundits say,
“He’s a shoe in.”
Ah, what the hell?
Time only will tell
Whether or not
His briefs will always lead from
The conservative agenda,
And evangelical addenda.

Who’s next?
To replace O’Connor now,
What’s his or her name?
All matters how
In this political game.
Republicans here, there
And everywhere,
Turning checks
And balances
On it’s head.
Is freedom dead?

For a gay or lesbian
I fear the answer
Is second-class citizen,
In Neo-con paradise
To be.

Roe v. Wade
Won’t pass the test.
Because all life is sacred.

If so, I say
No man should expel seed.
Since the male sex
Does the dirty deed
And dooms thousands of
Living sperm cells
Whether spawn of love
Or spawn of lust
To an ignominious DEATH.

Cloning is the only answer!
Cloning only will save the race.
From this great moral dilemma.
Supreme Court in haste,
Must proclaim the male human race
Its sexuality of all permutations illegal
Since it invariably will lead
To the dirty deed
A dump of seed.

Women only shall be allowed to have sex
It shall be decreed,
And women only with women shall have sex!

Thus the new Neo-con court must rule
And create the cloning rule!


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