August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina
God’s Wrath


That’s what some of my evangelical neighbors here at THE BIG NEEDLE are calling Hurricane Katrina. And, New Orleans is “Sin City,” sort of like Sodom and Gomorra. “Why, all those prostitutes, homosexuals, alcoholics, and other drug abusers deserve to be punished.”

It’s always someone else who deserves God’s wrath. Many of the folks here in PRICKLY MANOR are “God’s chosen” and therefore safe from the big mean and abusive parent in the sky. And, I do make the distinction between the conceptualization of a New Testament God - Jesus Christ’s message is one of love and compassion - who desires good for all his/her children, and a vengeful (Old Testament) God, who would punish his children to the death for transgressions, large, small, and/or imaginary. I suppose it’s comforting for my smug (no-it-all) neighbors to be so sure of themselves. They never have to worry about any of their actions. Their interpretation of the Bible tells them it is always others who are wrong or bad, and whom God will punish. However, I would give anything to have them suddenly thrown into my body and mind, and have to listen to such pontifications from my position.

In fact, that is the problem. The evangelicals are self-centered anachronisms, throwbacks to the Middle Ages and a geo-centric universe - all time and space must revolve around them.

The possible destruction of New Orleans, and three major oil refineries is a random act of nature that threatens the life-blood and economy of the United States of America and all her people. It is not the act of a vengeful God who seeks to punish his bad children.

Unless of course, he is tired of listening to his pontificating evangelical children and wishes to destroy the country they live in.

Have I made my point?

* “Hurricanes,” National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: US Department of Commerce. . August 4, 2005, 5:30 PM EDT. Viewed Monday, August 29, 2005 AM. EDT.

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