August 08, 2005

August Dog Day Thoughts of Winter


I am picturing blue-green transparent water

  • It has been so hot this summer. I can’t remember when last we had so many ninety-plus degree-days. My friends here at “Pine Needle Death Watch Camp” refuse to go outside. I have to take my morning walks solo. So, why am I dwelling on the cold dark days of winter? It’s because I dread the winter solstice, long algid night, trapped inside for weeks with bitchy old straight folk who don’t understand that the world doesn’t always work according to their own personal vision of it. The blinding (and to some beautiful) white light of the ‘snowscape’ is no comfort to these old eyes.

    Remember my trip to Sarasota, dear Journal? I’m thinking of a return trip. However, I want to go to the southeast coast this time, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale, or a bit further north. I’ve got my maps out, gone on line, and checked books out of the Lancaster County Public Library. According to The Weather Channel on line The average high temperature in Fort Lauderdale in January is 76 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average low is 59 degrees. However, in Sarasota the average high temperature in January is 72 degrees, and the average low is 51 degrees. While I love the city of Sarasota because there is so much happening culturally there, I want to be in the warmest location possible.

    So, as Florida daydreams drift in my mind, I’m planning a trip South to scout the southeast coast as soon as the summer heat fades. In my mind's eye, I picture blue-green transparent water, a coral rocky coast, sunlight flashing in crystal sparks from the waves, and a beach with aqua water and puffy white clouds.

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