July 19, 2005

ISAAC STOLZFUTS’ JOURNAL: A Blog about Art, Gay Male Sexuality, Culture, and Politics: Part IV
I continue with the section titled “Emic voices,” in which I examine reader commentary about some of my past journal entries.

Saturday, February 12, 2005
(This particular entry is one of many that serve to illustrate the prejudice present in our culture against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered persons. I have created an art work based on the entry below. It is located atIsaac’s Art.

One sweet old grandma told me “You will roast in Hell for all eternity!”

“Why,” I asked? “God made me. He doesn’t make mistakes. He’s perfect. Why would he put me in Hell?”

“God didn’t make you a homo, she said. You chose to be homosexual.”

“Well, my dear. Knowing that I’m doomed to spend all eternity on a rotisserie like a suckling pig, my fat splashing into flame as it melts out of my body and drips down on the hot coals beneath, why would I choose to be a “homo,” as you so eloquently put it?”

“Because you are a sinner, “she said.

“So, you and your church hate sinners.”

“Of course not. We hate the sin, not the sinner.”

(There were many reader responses to that entry. Among them were the following)

“…I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when you had your conversation with that lady. I do feel sorry for God, so many people deciding how he/she should think. Is the Bible like a newspaper, the readers are only drawn to the horrible news?”

Posted by Anji: February 12, 2005, 3:00 AM EST.

“Good Lord…that woman is pathetic in her response. And strange—I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone use the phrase “you spill your seed on the ground.” LOL Quite evocative, wouldn’t you say…”

Posted by SpikeMark: February 12, 2005, 4:13 PM EST

“As for being gay, I know just exactly how much energy I have expended defending myself against mindless and deep-seated hatred, how much heartbreak and pain and anxiety I have endured, and how little tangible success I have garnered, during my almost 40 years as a self-acknowledged homosexual. I can barely fathom what another 40 years like that would cost me.”

* Marshall Kerr (opus95.com). “Good Morning, Mr. Stolzfuts,” E-mail note sent on Thursday, February 24, 2005, 6:55 AM EST.

To Be Continued

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