May 16, 2005

Bush’s Economic Agenda
I am happy that the economy isn’t going down the tubes, at least for now. However, I have been so concerned with the brobdingnagian national debt caused by Mr. Bush’s economic policies and WAR. Each of us is buried under more than $26,000.00 in national debt, and the figure is climbing daily. Now, with the April economic figures- that is jobs, mortgage, interest rates and so on - seemingly describing a growing economy, Mr. Bush thinks it is safe to push his economic agenda. Once again, he will work to make the rich richer and the middle class poorer. I say, NO!

Here are some links to news and people with concerns: 1) A VC In NYC, 2) “,” 3) The New Yorker, 4) Alex Chadwick at NPR.

There are so many more. Go to Google and type in “Bush's Economic Agenda” to get an unbiased list of references to Mr. Bush's agenda. I, of course, must admit to being biased as I am not rich. Most of Mr. Bush’s ideas, as usual are designed to benefit his own, upper class buddies.

Yes, there really are separations according to class in America, and The Bush Agenda is designed to support, and augment them. The wealthy will become more so, and we, the middle class will become less so if not disenfranchised. There in lies another reason why these folks wish to focus national attention on the issues of gay marriage and women’s choice, which they claim are “value based religious moral issues." In actuality neither has anything to do with morality or religion. Instead, these two hot button issues are based on evangelical prejudice against women and various sexualities. This is divisive politics at its worst, and I am waiting for America to wake up from its dreams of political and religious world conquest.

Have a nice day. And, may God bless each and everyone.

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