April 20, 2005

Justice Sunday is New Propaganda of the Politically Corrupt
Whether Democrat or Republican, Ask Your Congressman and Senator Not To Support Justice Sunday.

Here is a Libertarian Party poster. I wish it was the Democrat's poster because it says what I want to say to these power hungry right wing Republican politicians.


Here is the message I have composed. I hope it is clear and precise.

I’m tired of being a punching bag for those politicians who claim that Democrats are against people of faith and can’t be Christian. I am a democrat, and I am Christian. I know Jesus Christ would be upset with the divisive politics of the time we live in. As a Democrat and a Christian, I am asking you not to support “Justice Sunday.” Those Senators and Congressmen who support and / or participate in it, are mixing politics and religion in a most unsavory manner.

Senators, by state can be found at U.S. Senate: Senators Home. Congress members can be located by state atU.S. Congressman”Contacting the Congress.”

* "home page," Libertarian Party: The party of Principle, http://www.lp.org/, visited Wednesday, April 20, 2005, 6:00 AM EDT.

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