April 04, 2005

Pope John Paul II is Dead and…

Pope John Paul II, oil on canvas by Edward Bialek*

He lays in state as I write. However, I can’t get overwrought, as everyone else seems to be. There are three reasons.

1. He was against abortion, and therefore against women. Being for life is meaningless, unless the parents, the society they live in, and the church they belong to plan to take care of the child until he / she is grown.
2. He was against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people. One cannot separate a person and his / her acts, sexual or otherwise.
3. The President and evangelical Republicans (Carl Rove) will seize upon the Pope’s death to further their anti abortion, anti woman, anti GLBT agenda.

The pundits are on a spree. According to some, this may have been the greatest pope in history, according to most; he was certainly one of the 3 most important popes.

I have three things to say about the pundits “punditing.”

1. John Paul was a great and an important man before he became The Pope.
2. The College of Cardinals elected him Pope. He therefore became more important than he otherwise would have been.
3. I know Pope John Paul II is with God, and that is what matters.

History will decide the rest.

*Bialek, Edward, “Portrait of Pope John Paul II,” Prometheus: Internet Bulletin for News, Arts, Politics, and Science. Zavril, John B., Number 89, , Fall 2003, viewed Sunday, April 3, 2005, 10:05 PM EDT.

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