March 09, 2005

Swift Boat, USA Next, and AARP
Swift Boat is Back To Sink AARP

Another Rant

Actually the folks responsible for Swift Boat are being hired by “USA Next”. It seems none of these Republican based groups are enamored with AARP’s stand against President Bush’s plan to revamp social security, so they scheme to put AARP under just the way they did Senator John Kerry. Remember him? He was the Vietnam war hero with 3 medals that Swift Boat claimed were a sham. If you were to believe Swift Boat liars, Senator Kerry was a pro gay marriage, pro choice vacillating wimp who didn’t deserve those medals for saving his crew - 52% of Americans took it to heart - and voted for our president. Of course, GW practiced flying a plane sometimes during the Vietnam War, and he only drank, and did drugs before the war. I guess he became the real hero because he got BORN AGAIN.


Well those same folks that brought us presidential campaign lies and BS are back with ten million dollars and an ad/poster that claims AARP is against the war in Iraq and for gay marriage. Well, I am a senior (that means very old) gay man who wishes that such a lie were true. But I’m here to tell you that it “ain’t!” I’m tired of these heterosexual pricks who are using my God given sexuality against me and every American including you straight folk out there. Yes. They’re duping you with this kind of manure. Stop being so gullible! And, while you’re at it, stop being so prejudiced!

I do love you all! I just won’t turn the other cheek.

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