February 21, 2005

Trade Deficit Skyrocketing
So, Destroy Social Security

A Political Rant

I don’t get it. Why are we so fascinated with foreign products? Why can’t we buy one of our own cars? They aren’t bad these days. And why must we buy gas-guzzling cars when foreign oil is at an all time high and heading toward the ionosphere (That’s the extremely thin part of our atmosphere next to outer space.). I’m just as guilty as everyone else with my Saturn VUE. I swear that my next car will be a fuel-efficient highbred. I want something that gets 60 miles to the gallon or better. The government should be encouraging us to buy from the USA, not spend weak dollars on foreign imports. And of course the dollar is weak because “The President” keeps spending money on foreign war and cutting taxes simultaneously. Additionally he and his Republican rich industrial cronies want to take out the Social Security Program, thus disenfranchising the middle class elderly. Private accounts based on the stock and bond markets is what GWB and his cronies want. If these rich bitches succeed, the next big economic recession will take out the young in our middle class too because their private accounts will go down the tubes with the stock market.

It would appear that the goals of the President’s industrialist cronies are two. First, outsource all the good jobs because you have to pay the American middle class too much money. Second, get rid of social security so that the middle class won’t realize what’s happening to them until it’s too late, and they have to flip hamburgers and scrub toilets for a living.


Good luck, America!

What To Do Instead

My basic investment strategy was always to diversify. I had stocks and bonds, but I also held property, gold, government bonds, and even low interest bearing certificates of deposit. Of course those CD’s weren’t always low interest. There were times when I got up to 17 percent during years of high inflation. And, oh yes, high inflation is about to return folks. Just watch those weak dollars growing weaker and lighter day by day. You can actually smell the ozone in the economic atmosphere.

And, GWB wants to spend upwards of two trillion dollars to get his hands on our young people’s social security money, and he doesn’t even mention the cost of privatizing social security in his budget projections. Nor does he mention the additional 82 billion he has since requested for the war in Iraq. I’ve lost track. What are we up to now for the war costs? Isn’t it about 260 billion?

Of course, The President lies through his spiked teeth! The Social Security System won’t fail until 2070. And, that’s if we do nothing to put the dollars back that we’ve already borrowed from the account and spent on other things. Yes, that’s right. Whenever we need extra bucks for the Federal budget, we raid Social Security to get them. Social Security can be saved by paying back what has already been taken from it! Go to the government’s website for Social Security and check out all the services that will be up for grabs should The President and the Neo-cons get their wish. Additionally, check out the Democrat's Social (in) Security calculator to see what you will lose under the President's plan.

George W. Bush tells BIG FAT WHOPPING LIES!

* “MITOPENCOURSEWARE,”http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/index.htm, © 2003, MIT, viewed Monday, February 21, 2005, 10:42 EST.

Tsunami Victims

I sent another one hundred dollars to UNICEF last evening. However, I’ve spent all I can afford to spend now. I’m not the last of the big spenders, like a certain president I might name.

* Cardinal rule number one - do not spend principle!

Give to the following in order to help reunite orphans with distant relatives, and to insure that your money is used by people with true humanitarian concerns rather than proselytizing religious zeal.

American Friends Service Committee, and UNICEF

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