January 22, 2005

Today I’m bragging about Florida again.

I’m writing at 10:00 AM, and it’s 69 degrees, going to 77 today. I talked with Jim on the telephone at 9:00 this morning - he’s one of my straight friends at THE BIG NEEDLE retirement home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania - and he said that it was 7 degrees and they are supposed to get a foot of snow today.

I promise I won’t complain about cool weather here, not ever again!

I think I shall just go to the beach today, lie on my chaise, read and build sand castles. Perhaps I’ll take a swim in the pool.

About Mr. Bush’s speech Thursday night -

If you voted for him you thought it was wonderful. If you didn’t vote for him, it was full of dark implications for imposition of American culture on Arab nations, including a possible invasion of Iran, which by the way, Iran seems to be taking seriously since her government has issued a statement saying that such an invasion would be impossible for us to consummate. So, whether or not Mr. Bush plans such an invasion, Iran, based on the Inaugural Address and other administration intimations, believes it to be a possibility. I’m afraid the Arab world sees Mr. Bush as a Bible thumping president who kills Arabs by the thousands while he talks about God, and a “God given” American mandate to spread “Liberty” (which has now been processed through Baudrillard to be synonymous with freedom, individual rights, and American democracy specifically) around the world. His language and its implications are truly subversive to the traditional American democratic Twentieth Century institutional ideal of non-interference in the affairs of others, lest they should interfere with us first. Of course, that ideal is the exact opposite of the Neo-con position that we must first inflict pain on the other before it should inflict pain on us.

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