January 20, 2005

We Interrupt this Travelogue

This entry is out of sequence with the presentation of my Florida Trip Journal, but I just had to jump Back to the Present for some political commentary.

Bush! Bush! Bush! - Condoleeza, Condoleeza, Condoleeza!

Damn, it turned cold! Monday was only in the fifties, Tuesday and Wednesday low sixties and today was sixty-six. Of course, these temperatures are far better than a high of 18 and low in the single digits, which is what they’ve been putting up with at home in Lancaster. And, it snowed there yesterday (3 to 4 inches my friend Tilly said when we talked on the telephone). So, I won’t complain too much. However, knowing that this evening is also the inaugural celebration for Mr. Bush’s second term in office adds an extra chill to the atmosphere. Additionally, I read that 52 % of Americans think Condoleeza Rice will do a good job as Secretary of State. I guess that’s the same 52% that thought Mr. Bush had done a good job during his first term and reelected him to a second. No one seems to have noticed except Barbara Boxer that the esteemed Doctor participated in creating the WMD and Al Quaida in Iraq myths in order to secure an invasion of Iraq that has claimed the lives of 1369 Americans and somewhere between 15,000 and 18,000 Iraqis. Of course Dr. Rice says she’s against torture, but “personally intervened to kill an anti torture provision in a recent intelligence bill.”*

Most freightening is that Mr. Bush says he won’t rule out military action against Iran. H-m-m-m-m-m, 6 Trillion in debt and counting. When does the bottom fall out? Let’s cut taxes for the rich still more, and do away with social security for the middle class while we’re at it, so when Mr. Bush has spent us into poverty, there is nothing left for the middle class.

Wake up America!

Damn, I had managed to escape politics for a couple of weeks, but the cold weather has brought it home to me here in chilly Sarasota, Florida. I wish I had a fireplace in this condo.

For some great Bush commentary go to “Bush Inaugural Theme Song,” in Onzin :: Silly Stuff by Gene Verdere Verlaring.

* Boxer, Barbara, “I’m Not Going to Back Down,” E-mail, January 18, 2004, 10:42 PM EST.

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