January 23, 2005


Today is much colder. Right now it's 56 degrees, which is three degrees warmer than the high is supposed to be. Tonight the weather idiots are predicting a hard freeze, 28 degrees. I'm staying in today. However, I talked to Jim at the BIG NEEDLE in Lancaster this morning, and it was 10 degrees with 8 inches of new fallen snow.

So, I'll take the momentary cool snap. Later this week it will be back into the seventies and I'll get back out to Marie Selby Gardens and the lesbian and gay retirement community, Palms of Manisota.

Tsunami Victims

One-hundred-eighty-thousand and counting. Don't forget to continue giving. I am splitting my donation. Half goes to American Friends Service Committee because of there several hundred year history of tolerance and care for others, and half to UNICEF, since UNICEF will be directly concerned with care for the children orphaned by the giant waves. I haven't consicered the Red Cross since they had difficulty with helping gay and lesbian victims of 911.

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