March 19, 2005

Primo Tourist Spot in Lancaster
I took Peter, Millie, and Tillie to Market today, and I'm exhausted. We had to do a lot of walking and my knee is still giving me a rough time. Be that as it may Central Market is one of the many reasons tourists love Lancaster, PA. It’s located in the heart of downtown Lancaster, a city of well-preserved eighteenth and nineteenth century architecture. I've included some photographs that I took of the market while we were there. I hope they will inspire folks to consider visiting because there is so much to see and do here in "God's country," as we local Pennsylvania Dutch call it.

On a normal day that last might send me off on a lengthy polemic about God, just who and what belong in his country, and who determines these. However, I shall resist, and stay with the tenor of this brief travelogue.

An interesting aside, my gaydar detected at least two young gay male couples, two lesbian couples, as well as several down low types walking through the huge building.




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