May 12, 2005

Christianity Redefined
If you are a liberal Christian, go to Thank you for Visiting CHPA for a real jolt that demonstrates just how prejudiced and hating the evangelical brand of Christianity is. Specifically the third item on their list, a not so well disguised attack on sexual minorities. Of course, the whole abortion issue is laid out as “Murder of babies.” Basically, it devolves down to, “the hell with taking care of them after they’re born. Life’s sacred, but once it exists, we aren’t responsible for it. Heck, we haven’t thought beyond our responsibility for life at the cellular level.” These folks need to read their own stuff for its hate content. Sad! As a liberal Christian, I will pray for them and ask God to help them to learn to love all life including there own sentient life, not just that at the cellular level. After all, God gave us our brains to use, not to ignore.

Perhaps we need to clarify who Jesus Christ was; what he stood for, his eclectic choice of friends, his statements about tolerance, and acceptance.

No, I doubt they will hear, much less listen. The Christian right is part of the modern Rome; too caught up in politics and power to hear Jesus’ actual message.

Nevertheless, I plan to work toward a redefinition of Christianity that is based on the (good word) of the new Testement, Jesus Christ's love for all mankind, and God's profound care for the universe he / she created.

"Always err on the side of the paramecium," I say facitiously.

*”Images,” Sheist Site,, viewed Thursday, May 11, 2005, 6:05 AM. EDT.

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