April 27, 2005

Adam's Call

True to his promise, Samuel (my son-in-law) spoke with my grandson, Adam about my blog. If you recall, on the tenth and fifteenth of this month I had reported Samuel’s visit to THE BIG NEEDLE in which he expressed his deep dissatisfaction with the content of my blog, calling it pornographic. He was angry that Ruth’s church group had discovered the blog and was making her life miserable. In fact he felt that both my artwork and Stephen Gulliver’s Straight World are pornographic, and said that it was embarrassing to have a man of my age making such filth. I tried to convince Samuel that semi-nude men are not pornographic, that fashion photography shows semi-nude men all the time. For example; Allamericanguys.com, or Pablo Vicente. To no avail, and as Adam is my favorite of the grandchildren, Samuel threatened to call him concerning the blog because he thought that might shame me into cleaning up the blog.

Instead, Adam called and said that he liked my blog and asked why I had not told him about it. He said that he is not finished sifting through it yet, but wondered if he might come and visit so that we can talk about it. He hinted that there was also another reason he wanted to make the visit, but would disclose nothing about it on the telephone.

We made arrangements for him to come this weekend and I can’t wait. If you recall, Adam is the one of my grand children who came to be with me for a few days last fall after my double hernia surgery. He saved me from my nosy daughter, Ruth. I was so thankful because I really was immobilized for about 4 days, and able to do very little for a week after that. Adam got me through the worst of it and then Pine Needle took over. My meals were brought to me and housekeeping did my cleaning and wash for 3 weeks after that. After a month I threw everyone out of my apartment and took over the whole kit and caboodle once again.

Adam will arrive Friday evening, around 7:00 P.M., because he will not finish at his middle school teaching position until 4:00 P.M., and he must drive here from Morristown, New Jersey. I’m so lucky to have a grandson who is willing to spend time with me. Most of my friends here at the “Prickly Needle” don’t get visits from family members very often. I complain because Ruth is in my hair (what little there is left of it) all the time. I guess I should be ashamed of myself.

Have a nice day everyone, and may God bless each and everyone.

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