June 26, 2005

I, Isaac Continue to Compare My Blog to Other Gay Male Blogs


OhlalaParis: Styled by Steph & Alex…

Once the list was constructed, I began to examine other gay male blogs. I identified many (about fifteen percent) that can best be described as commodifed. Some of these blogs are more intriguing than others, though they are all centered on a well-heeled and well-traveled metro-male gay identity that I found to be particularly sterile because these men embrace a stereotypical image of physical perfection, and other surface attributes that most of us do not and cannot possess. I realized that I placed a personal value judgment on it. Nevertheless, I added it to my list, put it at the top and gave it the value, “one.”
“Ohlala Paris: Styled by Steph and Alex” is an example of the commodified blog. The blog is a “glitzy-glam” representation of the fabulous international gay “metro-male” set. Steph and Alex are two men that create a spellbinding combination of beautiful male models, exquisite fashions, and magnificent travel settings. They are in the right place at the right time to see and be seen by famous people. There is a brief biography for Steph, but none for Alex. The right hand column of the blog is filled with advertisements for clothing, clubs, gay events, and parties. When I visited Steph and Alex’s blog on February 23, 2005, at 6:47 PM EST, the site had had over 800,000 visitors since its inception. The blog is rated “1” on the BPS scale.

Right Side of the Rainbow: Angry Left Archives

At first I was unable to categorize ”Right Side of the Rainbow” because I had no designation for a far- beyond-extreme-right, gay, “gun carrying,” Republican man. I suppose the title of the blog is meant to be ironic. This “blogger” sees all gay men as hopelessly promiscuous and unable to maintain monogamous relationships. Instead, studies show that more than 20 percent of gay men 18 and older have monogamous relationships that last 2 years or longer (Savin-Williams, 1996). Considering that this 20 percent includes those men of 18 and 19 years as well as those in their 20’s, percentages and length of monogamous relationships are probably much higher for bracketed older groups of men. I was so appalled by the position taken by “Angry Left Archives” that I had difficulty reading his arguments, though I must admit he had a political position that relates directly to his life style and thorough arguments to defend it. Despite his - to my way of thinking - homophobic position, I must place the blog in category 4 and 5 of the Blog Performance Scale (BPS).

Sean’s 808080’s Ohmbase

On the other hand, while “Sean’s 808080’s Ohmbase” is a much more complex design and structure than “Isaac Stolzfut’s Journal,” it reports only the author’s diurnal comings and goings with some commentary on politics as they relate to his life. On February 24, 2005 he had commentary on the reporter Hunter Thompson’s suicide with a link. On April 25th, he reported on the Texas law against gay and lesbian adoption saying that gay and lesbian people are still targets of prejudice, and made the following comment. “Just put a bulls eye on your back.” I gave the “Ohmbase” a “2,” “3,” and a “4.”

Blogging Out Loud

by Alan D. Williams reports the news from the author’s unique political position and has numerous links to related information. It, however, has only the briefest autobiography. And, though Alan displays his very liberal attitude and feelings about the news, there is little or no attempt to explain how the author’s attitude relates to his daily life. I gave the blog a “4.”

The Uptown Queer

Blogger, Paul discusses his life and his failed abusive relationship as the impetus for his becoming a gay activist. The blog is visually stimulating and provides an honest detailed description of abuse at the hands of a partner, his mental collapse, and the reconstruction of his life as a politically active gay man. I rated this blog as well designed, “2,” concerned with daily life, “3,” and 4 because the author reported local politics for his city, Minneapolis / St. Paul. Additionally, I gave the blog a “5” since Paul takes a political position as a gay activist as a direct result of the events in his personal life.

Etic and Emic Voices

Next time I will discuss an anthropological approach to the comparison between my blog and the blogs of other gay men.


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