June 15, 2005

U.S. Secretary of Defense Defends Guantanamo Bay Prison
Check this most recent article atHindustantimes.com. His defense of the facility, while practical – if we take it down, we must build another somewhere else – is also based on the preemptive strike philosophy that justified the invasion of Iraq. Because the terrorists are determined to kill and may use WMD, we must not wait until they act, and we may arrest suspected terrorists with out evidence. "The President decided that they (terrorists) were not entitled for formal prisoner-of-war status under the Geneva Conventions and that they were certainly not criminal defendants in the traditional law enforcement sense.”* The Patriot Act allows for such arrests and makes them legal though they make the Geneva Conventions null and void. There are several conclusions that can be drawn from this state of affairs. First, in the future, foreign powers will feel that they too can ignore the Geneva Conventions, and arrest citizens of the USA without due process. Second, the precedent has been set that allows for the detention of citizens of this country without due process. Go to Spirit of Democracy for a teacher’s eye view of what this can mean to any of us.

Any American Citizen

The part of Rumsfeld’s defense that makes me sick to my stomach is that it assumes the tacit acceptance of his Neo-con philosophy of preemptive strike. And, that philosophy assumes the a priori position that the USA is the new (evangelical Christian) Rome, and has the right to dominance of the entire planet. The deaths of 20,000 plus Iraqi’s are acceptable, and the death of over 1700 USA service personnel is more than acceptable in the partial achievement of the obfuscated assumption that underlies this administration’s entire foreign policy.

Yes, I’m Feeling Better.

I’m slowly getting energy back. In fact, I plan to be well enough to take a trip later this month. Nothing can keep old Isaac down!

*“Rumsfeld Defends Guantanamo Bay Prison,” http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_1399187,00050001.htm. Hindustantimes.com. Press Trust of India, Washington June 15, 2005. Viewed Wednesday, June 15, 2005. 8:47 AM EDT.

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