October 13, 2005

Weather: Global Warming as Fiction!
When is it going to clear up?

I worry about all the folks affected by the flooding here in the Northeast. It seems that our weather has gone haywire. Befor last week we had 1/4 inch of rain since August tenth. However, in some areas it has rained almost 24 inches in the past week. Additionally we’ve had the most unusual hurricane season in history. Katrina destroyed the city of New Orleans and a stretch of Gulf coast hundreds of miles long. The most recent storm, Vince hit Portugal and Spain.


However, as we know, President Bush does not believe in global warming, and some Neo-con think tanks claim they have scientific evidence to prove that it doesn’t exist. Instead, I offer the following scuttlebutt.

1. The neo-cons are still lying about it, but global warming not only exists but is inevitable
2. Climate Change Portal
3. Patrick Fitzgerald’s Weblog. This piece has excellent links to Neo-con articles and statements about them by both Neo-cons and liberals.

After reading the information and ideas at the above links I have come to the conclusion that the weather won’t clear for at least one hundred years.

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