November 11, 2005

Renewable Energy Sources: "Set America Free" Doesn’t Do It
As I continue my inquiry into this technology that we Americans continue to neglect, I’ve discovered that there is questionable leadership at the national level. However, it isn’t coming from any branch of the Federal Government. Instead, there is an organization that believes as I do that our dependence on foreign oil threatens our freedom directly by fueling (literally and figuratively) the very terrorists who threaten our country. We have but 3% of the world’s oil supply, but import 60% of our oil needs. Bush’s energy bill increases our dependence on oil though it claims to do the opposite. See the article “Bush’s Energy Disaster” in

The group is, however, one of the mass of right wing organizations disguised as think tanks. On the surface it looks innocuous enough and downright encouraging to this liberal, left wing advocate for the environment. I began following the organizations links, and a distant alarm began to sound. Follow this link to Set America Free. Upon examining their Website I discovered that the umbrella organization seems to be the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, and it in turn is linked to the NATO Forum on Energy Security Technology. NATO is a military alliance, and the second group, Institute for the Analysis of Global Security is anything but a group interested in the greening of America and the World.

Additionally, at the top of the Set America Free list of individuals of importance to the organization is Gary L. Bauer, President of American Values. Mr. Bauer is an evangelical, right wing neo-con, part of the Council for National Policy and Project for the New American Century. In 2000 Mr. Bauer ran for president and his own campaign staff accused him of adultery. Indeed, half of his campaign staff left him because of the charges. I guess you could say he’s the kind of evangelical who feels that he is saved so he doesn’t have to worry about sinning.

So, I’m left with the following burning question. Who is actually interested in alternative energy sources, greening the planet and honestly freeing the entire world from oil dependence? I could use some real (honest) answers to that one.

The Economic Green Plan

Once again I include my “Economic Green Plan.” I have devised a four step plan to save our economy at the same time we save our planet from increased global warming and pollution. The umbrella factor in the plan is to stop spending SELECTIVELY because the economy registers consumer’s desires.


Katrina Relief

Donate money to the American Friends Service Committee for relief along the Gulf Coast. Long term help is necessary to return the poor to their parishes and repair the damage done to those neighborhoods that gave New Orleans it’s cuisine and culture. Soon, the Red Cross will move on to other crises. The Friends are much more likely to do good things for the unfortunate people of the region than anyone I can think of. They do not discriminate, and they will not proselytize while helping.

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