January 05, 2006

On My Way to Florida
My apartment is locked tight, hot water turned off and the Big Needle administration is notified that I’ll be away for at least one month. Ruth threw a fit. But, I left Lancaster yesterday, my car packed to the gunwales.

“Daddy, you’ve been sick, and you’re only just getting better.”

“I’ve been putting this off for months, Ruth.”

“Have you thought this through? You’re 86. You’ll be all alone on the road and in Florida. What if something goes wrong?”

“Something could go wrong right here in God’s country.”

“But we’re set up to handle it here. You’re in a place where you can get emergency help immediately.”

“Yes. You’re right, but should I die here, I won’t have done this thing I want to do, daughter.”

“And, you’ve opened a new account and moved a small fortune into it.”

“Ruth, we’re not rich. I don’t have a small fortune.”

“But, why?”

“In case I see something I like, I can buy it and live in it.”

“You have your own apartment here in Pine Needle Manor.”

“It’s too cold here.”

“You’ve stood the cold all your life.”

“So, now I’d like to have the opportunity to enjoy warmth and sun during the rest of it.”

“You’ll be so far away, Daddy.”

“But, Just think of it. In the middle of the winter you and Sam could come to see me and leave the snow behind.”

“That’s not the point.”

“Yes it is. And, I’m going, Ruth.”

“You’re like a stubborn child. I should have you declared incompetent.”

“You can’t. I’ve had a psychiatric evaluation, and I’m saner than you.”

“You faked it. You didn’t tell him about your aberrations, Varnastrama, Stephen Gulliver, and the foil man.”

“How do you know?”

“Oh, come on, Daddy. No psychiatrist is going to think you’re sane with all that stuff swirling around in your head.”

“ I’m just creative. And, I’m going to Florida. Let’s try to stop the bickering so I can leave on a comfortable note, Ruth.”

That’s how it went. I know I can expect further problems as I sail on down the road, mixed metaphor and pun intended.

My grandson, Ruth’s son, Adam (He’s the middle school science teacher.) called before I left for Florida and during our conversation said, “She’s the one who should be declared incompetent. I love my Mom, but she’s more than a bit crazed.” And, that is pretty much the way I feel about Ruth too.

Wish me luck, dear Journal.

P. S. I'll write as a find hotels with a computer station, and Internet access.

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