February 06, 2006

Mohammad Caricature
He’s got a lighted bomb on his head,
As around the world
Extremist’s riots spread.
Destruction moves
As rioters pillage and burn
The image proves
When considered too
The Iraq War
Started by Bush Two
Fundamentalism in all its forms
Is the disease that
Both Christian and Muslim deforms.

I know it is true that fundamentalism distorts Christ's actual message of peace, replacing it with one of divisiveness, war and destruction. Others think so too. See The Scandal of Evangelical Conscience. The “Mohammad Caricature Riots” and Al Qaeda are the proof as concerns the the same for Islamic culture.

And I found this cartoon in an article, “The New Fundamentalism,” Taverne, Dick. Nature Technology. 23, 415-416, (2005) at nature.com. http://www.nature.com/index.html. NPG © 2006. visited Monday February 6, 2006. It equates the biodegradation of our environment with both Bush and Christian Fundamentalism.

Bite the Bullet

I’ve found several condominiums that I like in the area. All are more expensive than I had wished for, but I’ve decided to go ahead with purchasing one. After all, as a non-evangelical Christian, I believe I have but one life here on Earth. If I were Buddhist, or Hindu, I might be able to be more philosophical about the issue and postpone living in a warm climate for another lifetime. I have also put my name on a list for a senior community that has all the amenities that THE BIG NEEDLE has in Lancaster. They told me that there is a two-year wait time, minimum, but I’m betting that I have at least two years before I need such a place. Let’s hope I’m right.

I informed Ruth of my decision by cell last night, and she was apoplectic. I told her that I would only buy a property located within the strip between the Intercostals and the beaches so that it will be an investment as well as a dwelling-place.

“Daddy, I just think this is foolish. You live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and you live in a place that was designed with old people in mind.”

“That’s an ageist statement, daughter.”

“No, it is an honest one. Pine Needle Manor has assisted care, which you have needed on at least two separate occasions. There is also a nursing home facility should you need that. You are going to give that up, so you can live independently in a community where you have no support in place should something happen.”

“Yes. I am doing that. I should never have agreed to live in Prickly Needle in the first place. I am in good health, and I want to be some place warm.”

“I wish you would listen to reason. You can be so stubborn.”

“Yes again. I can be.”

“I guess there’s no point in further discussion. I’m going to hang up now.”

The phone went dead - not even good-by. Ruth has Orchard Hill Farm. It’s located on one of the best chunks of dirt for growing things on the entire planet. I don’t get it. It’s worth a lot more than the money I have in the bank. Could it be that in her own weird way Ruth actually cares about me?

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