February 10, 2006

NSA Surveillance of Americans Leads to Prevention of Terrorist Attacks – I think Not!
Bush intimates that routine surveillance of American citizens without court warrants by the NSA is necessary because it helped to stop terrorist attacks on the United States in 2001 and again in 2002. See the article by John Salustri, “Bush Details Terrorist Plot Against U.S. Bank Tower" in GlobeSt.com. Mr. Salustri’s article demonstrates that foreign countries were willing even anxious in 2001 to cooperate with the United States in the prevention of terrorist attacks. However, it tells us nothing about the role of wiretaps on our citizens in such prevention, either real or fantasized.

When asked about the thwarted attack in 2001, against The U.S. Bank Tower, the tallest building on the West Coast, the new mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villiagarosa stated - I'm paraphrasing - that Bush has told the American people more than he has been told. At the same time, he said the city police and fire departments have conducted mock events based on scenarios of the worst kind in order to be prepared for such an attack on any of the taller buildings in his city.

Isn’t it interesting that Bush waited until 2006, an election year, to fill us in on all the details of the avoided catastrophe. Why didn’t he tell us all about his success at the time? The answer is simple - because eavesdropping on American citizens played no part in preventing those attacks! The amazing thing is that he is succeeding in convincing gullible citizens that spying on us is necessary to conducting the war on terror. One poll shows that 48 percent of Americans support wire tapping this month as opposed to only 42 percent last month, and us macho guys are the people he is most successful in converting.

Once again, I’m disgusted with the gullibility of the American public, men in particular!

Jupiter Palm Tree and Moon


I had to include this photograph. I took it on Jupiter Beach last evening, just before sunset. I love Coconut Palms! The evening sky, moon, ocean, and coconut palm helped to create for me a sense of serenity that was Zen-like.

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