February 14, 2006

Bush Budget Disaster
Last year’s sneaky proposed budget put the huge deficit and spending proposals of this not so dumb president in the hands of his successor. See “After Bush Leaves Office, His Budget Costs Balloon” in the washingtonpost.com. The next poor sucker has to slash and burn the Bush II budget and become the most unpopular president in history, or put off paying the piper to his successor. And, guess what? This year’s budget does the same, or worse! Read Bush Slashes Domestic Programs in Budget” in The Age.

We must get rid of those tax cuts for the richest Americans!

Why doesn’t the middle class understand that they are witnessing their own disenfranchisement? Any way you look at it, this presidency is the biggest 8 yearlong disaster to hit the United States in its entire 230 year history!

Jack Abramov claimed close ties to Carl Rove

Big surprise!

Lewis (Scooter) Libby case is bogged down because Whitehouse refuses to release records.

Did we expect anything different?

Nation Focuses on Cheney Hunting Accident

With the mess this administration has created for the nation and world, why focus on Mr. Cheney’s stupidity in this particular personal instance?

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