March 04, 2006

Teacher Removed from classroom for Bush Comments

While the teacher’s comparison of Bush to Adolph Hitler may be unreasonable, it is anyone’s right to state an opinion, including a teacher in a classroom. I doubt that the man in question, Jay Bennish, forgot to mention that he was giving an opinion and that everyone is entitled to hold his or her own opinion including his students. Unfortunately, it has become politically incorrect to hold opinions that are not those of the extreme right Republican Party and evangelical Christians in this, the land of the free. I doubt that the school district’s policy requiring balanced viewpoints would have been used to remove a teacher who expressed support for Mr. Bush’s 28th Amendment to create a 2nd class of American citizen by making gay and lesbian marriage illegal in the United States. Yes, Virginia, this country is becoming a Fascist state.

Keyed Car

In a related incident, my car has been keyed from stem to stern; hood, sides, roof, and back of the car are marked through the finish with huge X’s. I’ve had an estimate, and it will cost $1600.00 to have the car refinished. I say this is a related incident to Mr. Bennish’s suspension because the guy at the company that will do the painting of my car pointed to the “Enough is Enough - Vote Democratic” bumper sticker on my car and said, “There’s the culprit. You’d better remove that if you don’t want this or something worse to happen again. It’s not a good idea to be so openly Democratic in South Florida.” I didn’t believe him at the time, but several other local people have expressed similar sentiments since.

I must ask the question, are there super conservative Republican vigilantes roaming the streets of South Florida? Do I really want to live here? Perhaps my daughter, Ruth, is right and I should be happy to go back to Pine Needle Manor and live out my last days in the algid North.

I’ve put my search for a house/condominium on hold for now.

And, I’m packing my duds for the return trip home to Pennsylvania Dutch country.

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