April 08, 2006

I settle on my condo next Tuesday. I’m so excited I could (BLEEP!). No more hotels! I’ve already bought a bed, box spring, and mattress, and they will be delivered next week on Wednesday, so I can move in immediately. I’ll get one frying pan, and one pot to cook vegetables, one dinner plate, salad plate, and soup bowl to hold me over until I can get my furniture from THE BIG NEEDLE. I plan to call several movers today and tomorrow to check out moving costs, but I know that won’t be cheap.

I’m celebrating on Monday next week by going to a local gay and lesbian organization meeting for older gentlemen. I found the group on line, It’s a group called “Paths,” and it meets under the auspices of Compass, the largest gay and lesbian center in Southeast Florida. I’m really curious and extremely excited about meeting some other men my age, or at least they will be older men.

Compass is in Lake Worth, and I do dread getting on 95 to drive 12 miles south. That highway is a madhouse. Last week some idiot in a “Pile-of-junk” ford pulled out into the fast lane from the middle of the highway with no signal, right in front of me. He was doing about 15 miles per hour, and I was doing 65 (10 over the speed limit, though nobody down here pays attention to speed limits). Fortunately my reflexes are still half decent, or I’d be splattered and splashed over about 200 feet of highway. I didn’t have time to check my rear view mirror. Instead, I just swerved into the middle lane of three as quickly as possible. The guy behind me in the 3rd lane did bump the (BLEEP)hole, but I missed completely. I hate to think what would have happened if someone had been occupying the space I pulled into in the middle lane. Well, I’d be dead, and so would they, and quite possibly a number of others would be dead or injured. The idiot who pulled out would probably be alive and unaware of having caused so much damage. There are so many illegal immigrant workers down here without licenses and insurance. I’m not one of those who thinks they are stealing American workers jobs (See Isaac's Political Journal). However, I wonder if I wasn’t almost eliminated by one.

Be that as it may, I’ll report on the meeting at Compass later, Dear Journal. Meanwhile, here’s another picture from the beach the other day.

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