April 02, 2006

Beautiful Day in Paradise - Check out Flicker Photos

I went to the beach immediately behind Juno’s Town Center the other day. I parked my car in a little coconut palm lined parking lot between two rows of small condominium units, probably rentals. I got my beach towel from the back of my trusty Saturn Vue, Ms. Saturna Alia, walked down a brick sidewalk listening to the palm fronds click together in the lambent breeze and watched puffy white cumulous clouds scud across the sky. They seemed low enough to reach up and touch. There is a long sidewalk that climbs a sandy slope with a small roofed wooden copula at the top. As I slowly made my way up the walk, the aqua colored water of the Atlantic came into view. It was lit from within by reflections from the sandy bottom below and glowing beneath a brilliant blue sky, not at all like the brown-green water of the mid-Atlantic States that I’m use to. I stood at the top of the rise, panting a bit and marveled at the curve of the beach and waves gently breaking at its edge. It was like a huge glowing calm lake.

Then I continued slowly down the sloping sand to waters edge, sat there and removed my sandals. At my age it isn’t easy to stand from a sitting position in which your butt is level with your feet, but I tuned over onto my knees. I put one leg out so that it was bent ninety degrees at the knee and pushed slowly with it and my hands to a bent-over standing position, and righted myself. It made my knee and my back hurt, but I survived. I walked leisurely toward the South through the gentle wash of the waves for about a half-mile until I came upon the rocks in the picture I’ve posted with this entry, Dear Journal. It was such a magnificent spot that I spread my towel there and sat for about an hour watching the waves glitter and splash in the crystalline sunlight. All of the difficulties and pain of this world were shoved aside. I sat beside them and I was filled with peace as I looked toward the blue horizon.

I thanked God for my continued health. At 86 years I am fortunate to be able to see such wondrous things. Most of my contemporaries are gone or they are too weak and / or ill to do what I am doing. I prayed that the creator would someday allow science to help all people everywhere to live long and well enough to know themselves so thoroughly that they might be able to look out lovingly at the world, through the eyes of God, as I had been privileged to do that day.

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