April 11, 2006

Consignment Shops
I’ll ship my furniture to South Florida from my tiny apartment at THE GIANT PINY NEEDLE back in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country and pay a small fortune to do it, I’m sure. At the same time, I’ll need much more here in South Florida because I’m going from one to two bedrooms, and I’ve got 1800 square feet here as opposed to only 1000 in that retirement home apartment. Meanwhile, I’m so excited about my new digs that I couldn’t stand the wait - so I’ve been on a mad shopping spree. I bought a beautiful and expensive dark mahogany masculine bed frame, and a new box spring and mattress, so I have a place to sleep other than a hotel. I’m really tired of hotel living, and though I’ve searched for the least expensive I could find, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on hotels since leaving Lancaster, Pennsylvania. However, those are the only new pieces of furniture I’ve bought.

I’ve discovered church second hand stores, and consignment shops. Seems that there are so many of us old codgers dieing down here, that stores are full of practically new stuff. I’m not a rich man, but many of these folks down here must be because much of what I’ve seen and all of what I’ve bought from consignment stores is up-scale, and so reasonable compared to buying it new. Seems people’s kids don’t want their stuff, even when the dearly departed leave behind antiques, objet d’art, and valuable paintings. For instance, I bought a glass top table and chairs for my porch at a shop in Tequesta Florida, and two days later saw the same table and chairs, brand new, in a furniture store in Juno Beach for three times as much! Okay, so my table and chairs have a couple of scratches and dings on them. They’re hardly noticeable. Always the pragmatic Dutchman here, using these stores only makes sense to me. Why spend three times more than I need to spend?

Once again I include another shot from my April 2nd trip to the beach below.

Juno Beach, April 1, 2006 - #2

Sea Grapes, Boards and Shades of Aqua Water, April 2nd, 2006.

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