April 14, 2006

I Own Property in Florida!
I’m so happy I could run to the beach and back! Well, maybe walk there and stagger back.

My bed, box spring and mattress will be delivered to my new condo on Monday, next week, and I will move in to the condominium then. I will drive back to Lancaster, Pennsylvania the following week in order to visit Ruth, and other family members, sell my apartment back to THE BIG NEEDLE, and move all my things to South Florida.

Actually, I won’t get much back on the apartment up there. You sell your life to these retirement places, and they get to keep most of it. Ah, well. It looks like I will realize less than $50 K on an initial investment of $225 K, and 7 years quarterly fees that began at $1500.00 and increased to $2400.00. Ah well, I’m doing what I want. I just won’t have much left to pass on to the family when I leave this mortal frame.

Once again, I’m posting another picture from South Florida, Dear Journal. It's one of the set I took at Blowing Rocks on Jupiter Island. See below.

Ancient Reef and Boat

Ancient Reef, Ocean and Boat

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