May 21, 2006

I went for a walk last evening, as I am often wont to do and found myself at the marina next door to my condominium. Last evening huge puffy pink, white, orange, and mauve clouds were floating majestically in off the Atlantic. They were reflected in the dark blue and purple water of the Intracoastal Waterway. High above the low flying cumulous strands of pale white and slightly yellow feathery cirrus clouds moved across the sky from the west. It was about seventy-nine degrees Fahrenheit with a lambent breeze blowing across the Intracoastal. The wafting air felt cool against the skin as I carefully walked out the dock on a long portion that runs on top of the breakwater. I feel a bit uncomfortable when I stroll out there as I experience vertigo due to my ageing sense of balance. However, I take my time because the views and sensations are worth the discomfort. There is a bench at docks end, and I always sit down there both to rest and to watch the boats come in. Every type of pleasure boat imaginable goes by. There are small boats with outboard motors and families out for an evening ride. There are larger boats with three 250 horsepower engines on the back and two decks that roar past churning huge waves behind. Usually one or two “monster yachts float by, their huge interior spaces lit for the evening, their rich passengers being served dinner and/or drinks on deck by a white coated waiter. There are boats of fishermen returning with the day’s catch. One or two skidoos race by on a cloud of water spray. Always there is at least one schooner, sails trimmed, gliding gently by powered into its birth by electric engines.

As the sun lowers too the horizon, boat traffic slows, the sky is lit to a deep crimson around a quarter of the Western horizon, the puffed, now darker mauve, lavender and pink clouds silhouetted against deep and rich blue hues at the zenith, shading to orange, salmon, and softer yellow at the northern and eastern horizons. Finally, as the sun drops behind the palms, oaks, and mansions across the Intracoastal Waterway colors begin to fade, lights come on in windows, and I lift my creaking carcass to begin the slow and careful walk off the dock.

Once I am back on solid land, I pick up the pace and stride more quickly trying to increase my heartbeat during the half-mile walk back to my condominium. I will report on future walks dear journal.

Intracoastal Waterway Sunset
…as the sun drops behind the palms, oaks, and mansions…

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