July 04, 2006

Fourth of July Trouble in Paradise

It would appear that Adam has been a bad boy. While I have waxed “rhapsodisical” about my boys, Adam has met someone at the health club he and Stephen go to. Stephen is practically crazed because Adam did unmentionable things with this “hottie” right in the health club sauna, and Stephen walked in on it. As I write, Stephen is out in the car, somewhere, and Adam is sulking in the other bedroom.

I, in all my grandfatherly wisdom, have tried to remain out of it so far. I’m hoping Adam will come to me, so I can give him a solicited scathing, but gentle, lecture about the stupidity of being led around by his erect dick-head instead of the one where his brain is seated.

At the same time, I’ve been reading about the young U. S. soldier who raped an Iraqi woman, and killed 3 others including a 5 year old this past March. I will definitely write more about that incident in my political journal. I will only say here that things are extremely troublesome both personally and nationally on this special patriotic holiday.

Eleven Thirty A.M. EDT

The successful launch of space shuttle Discovery this morning at 10:39 A.M. EDT gave us a special big Fourth of July Rocket to raise the spirits. Yes!

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