September 14, 2006

And Now We Return to My Rehoboth Beach Visit

While in Rehoboth Beach, Adam and Stephen began a campaign to have me stay with them through the holiday weekend. They were unrelenting. They started on me Saturday morning and kept it up all weekend, even on the drive back to Woodbury Sunday night.

“Really, grandpa – why go back to Florida for the holiday week-end and be by yourself? We’d like to have you stay in New Jersey with us.”

“But you’ll be at work until Friday.”

“You were going to be with me Monday to Thursday anyway, and I would have been working then. I’m off Friday through Monday.”

“How will I get to the airport on Tuesday? You’ll be at work.”

“There’s limousine service.”

“Isn’t that expensive?”

“We’ll pay for it,” said Stephen.

“You’re worth it,” chimed in Adam. “Besides, We’ll go in to Philadelphia and visit the Art Museum.”

“Go out to dinner,” said Stephen.

“Maybe take in a play,” said Adam.

“We could go to the IMAX Theater at the Franklin Museum,” said Stephen.

“Yeah, I’ll bet you haven’t been to an IMAX theater, Grandpa. The screen is huge, so big it makes you move your body when the scene shifts in the film, and the sound goes all around you, makes the theater shake, and you feel as though you’re in the middle of the movie itself.”

“Don’t know about that one, Adam.”

“Then you’ll stay.”

“Come on, Isaac,” said Stephen. “You know you want to.”

Tears came to my eyes. I have family - I won’t ever sit alone and be forgotten - they’re gay family, and blood family that care about me. I’m such a lucky old man. “Okay, okay.” I said. “I give in. I’ll stay.”

“All right,” said Stephen.

“Hallelujah,” said Adam.

“Amen,” said Stephen.

“Now, boys,” I said. “That borders on blasphemy.”

“Never,” said Adam. “I’ll bet God’s pleased you’re staying too.”

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Blogger Anji said...

Aren't they wonderful?

belated happy birthday!

9:45 AM  

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