October 15, 2006

Peter’s Visit

October 14, 2006

First, he called on the landline.

“Hi, Mr. Stolzfuts.”


“It’s Peter.”

“Hey, Peter. How’ve you been?”

“Good. Busy with school and all, but good.”

“So, to what do I owe the honor of this call?”

“Just wondered if you were open for a visit this evening.”

“Absolutely,” I said. After all, I’m starved for conversation. Besides, sad to say, the dirty old man will have some eye candy.

“What time?”

“How is 7:30?”

“Good. What kind of liquor would you like me to bring?”

“Grand Marnier is my favorite.”

“You’ve got it. I’ll see you then. Bye.”

So, I ran around like a mad man or, at least as fast as I can, cleaning the place though I doubt most male “twenty somethings” would notice how clean a place is. “He’s gay, Isaac, off course he’ll notice!”

There I go talking to myself again. I swear there are two of me, and the second me is a pain in the (bleep!) because he is always correcting me. Anyway, Peter did visit and stayed until almost midnight. We talked about politics, art, science fiction, my art, his classes, his work out techniques, his coming out process, and his search for a small inexpensive apartment of his own, something that is hard to find in this area. But, I’ll cover more of that conversation in my next entry. Needless to say, I had a wonderful evening, and I think Peter did too.

If I were 60 years younger…

“Dirty Old Man!”

See, there he goes again. And, yes, I do answer back.

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