November 03, 2006

Spanish Continued: Traveling to Mexico and the Riots in Oaxaca

Here I am with the desire to go to Mexico, and I’m reading about the riots in Oaxaca. These began with a teacher’s strike back in May of this year, and escalated as other groups joined in, asking for the resignation of the governor of that state, Ulises Ruiz. There is the suggestion that the problem is related to political involvement with drug lords (“Perhaps the politicos are the drug lords, Isaac.”) There I go talking to myself again. Be that as it may, Oaxaca is on the other side of Mexico, a thousand miles to the South and West, on the Pacific side, from the state of Quintana Roo where I would visit. I doubt fighting would spread to the Mayan Riviera. It’s the kind of situation that only makes me want to visit all the more. So, I’m including a couple of photographs from my last visit, and another one of my Spanish worksheets.
Tulum, looking toward Northeast

Tropical Foliage, Playacar

Traveling with Spanish

1. I would like to cash these travelers checks.

Quisiera cobrar estos cheques de viajeros.
Querría cambiar estos cheques de viajeros.

2. Do I need to use the ATM instead?

¿Necesito utilizar la ATM en lugar de otro?
¿Necesito utilizar la atmósfera en lugar de otro?
¿Necesito utilizar el cajero automático en lugar de otro?

ATM U.S. (abr de Automated-Teller Machine) cajero automático – or “la atmósfera” - or pronounce letters of alphabet in Spanish “A – T - M”

Yes, it is in the front of the lobby (building)(corridor), on the left.
Sí, está en la frente del vestíbulo (edificio) (pasillo), a la izquierda.

Yes, it is in the back of the lobby, in the center.
Sí, está en la parte posteriora del vestíbulo, en el centro.

Yes, it is straight ahead, in the front of the building.
_ sí, él ser todo derecho, en delantero edificio. _

Yes, it is straight ahead, in front of the building.
Sí, es recto, delante del edificio.

3. Where is the ATM?

¿Donde está la A-T-M?
¿Donde está la atmósfera?
¿Donde esta el cajero automático?

You go straight ahead to the front of the lobby.
You go straight ahead to the front of the Bank.
Usted va todo derecho al frente del vestíbulo.
Usted va todo derecho al frente del banco.

You go to the right, and it’s in the center of the lobby.
Usted va a la derecha, y está en el centro del vestíbulo.

Well, there you have it. I'm getting myself more fired up here every day. Perhaps I will go to Mexico once again.

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