June 02, 2004

I’m Still Looking at Cars

However, due to the increasing price of gas (It’s now averaging $2.12 a gallon in Lancaster), I’ve decided I don’t want an SUV. What gas guzzlers! Saturn makes the ION, a fairly large, and comfortable sedan that has a good deal of storage in the trunk. It gets much better mileage than does the VUE. I’ll just have to be contented with something smaller. Besides it will be just little old me traveling cross country, and the fewer bags I have to carry the better.

Yesterday My Blog Disappeared / Today it’s Back

Blogger said that it did not exist on the server. I panicked! I didn’t worry about my hundreds of missing pages. Instead, I became paranoid. I worried about Mr. Ashcroft and the CIA. Were they after me for being so angry with Mr. Bush? Was it because I channel Stephen Gulliver, a gay man from 2024, an alternate reality in which theLehigh Valley Mall near Allentown has just been blown up by terrorists?

Today I’m more rational. However, it’s a sign of the times and this incredibly mismanaged presidency that I immediately began to worry about my 84 year old carcass being endangered by my government.

At the same time, I think there should be a Blooger emergency telephone number to call in such situations.

*Saturn.com Showroom, http://www.saturn.com/saturn/index.jsp?nav=1&flashOK=no, © 2004 Saturn Corporation (June 2, 2004, 6:14 A.M. EDT)

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