May 20, 2004

Four Things I Need to Think About Every Day (Instead of George Bush the Second)


  1. Be kind even when others are not.

  2. Allow myself to make mistakes but make corrections.

  3. Allow others to make mistakes but think real carefully before making corrections.

  4. “BOOM CARS” have people in them. Think kind thoughts as the glass rattles in the living room windows, and remember, those folks will eventually be deaf!

I Put Money in a New Certificate of Deposit Today...

because I’m trying to save enough money to be able to buy a condo in “The Palms of Manasota,” the lesbian and gay retirement community near Sarasota, FL. However, I still have to make all the arrangements to drag my 84 year old carcass down there to find out if I like it or not.

“What if you don’t like it, Isaac?”

I’ll worry about that if it happens.

I talk more and more to myself every day.

It’s Okay as long as I answer.

Lesbians and Gay Men are Marrying in Massachusetts!


I’ll worry about the fact that 60% of Americans polled said they were against gay marriage later. And, I’ll be good. I won’t remind my straight neighbors here at “The Big Needle” that 50 % of their children and grandchildren have been married and divorced at least once.

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