April 26, 2004

Terrorists Will Try to Get Rid of Bush

Not by assassination. Rather, they will try to kill ordinary Americans in order to persuade us not to reelect Mr. Bush to a second term in office. It would seem that they are smarter than we are. And, I am not being unpatriotic. Condoleezza Rice suggested as much back on April 18th when she said the following.

''I think that we do have to take very seriously the thought that the terrorists might have learned, we hope, the wrong lesson from Spain,'' Rice told ''Fox News Sunday.''

''I think we also have to take seriously that they might try during the cycle leading up to the election to do something,'' she said.


The disturbing part of Dr. Rice’s statement is the strange and ominous interjection of “we hope” in the first sentence above. I can’t help but wonder what she meant. Did she mean we want them to learn the wrong lesson? Why would we want them to learn the wrong lesson? Does she hope that such an terrorist act would backfire and Mr. Bush would be reelected? If so, the desire to see Americans killed by terrorists in order that her team might remain in office is “beyond belief creepy and horrific.”

* “Government bracing for Terrorist Attacks Before Election,” AOL News at “http://aolsvc.news.aol.com/news/article.adp?id=20040418151009990001&_ccc=1,” (visited on April 19, 2004, 6:10 A.M. EDT)

*2 Caricatures by Steve Graham-Smith, The Portfolio of Steve
Graham-Smith, http://sgsartwork.ca (viewed April 26, 2004, 6:19 A.M. EDT)


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