April 20, 2004

I’ve Been to the Doctor

He said that under the circumstances he would be surprised if I wasn’t depressed. He said he would give me something for the depression if I want it, but that he would prefer to wait a little longer. He asked me if I wasn’t angry with Ruth?

“Of course I am,” I said.

“Good, you should be. I’m not a psychiatrist, Isaac, but I do understand some basic things about grieving.”

“Grieving! Nobody died.”

“Oh, but they did, or the next thing. Your Silver Man has been taken from you. All the photographs and drawings of him with Rebecca and the family, including Ruth are gone. He might as well be dead. The entire set of the Varnastrama Journals is gone. How many years have you been writing those? And, your maps and drawings of Varnastrama, they’re all gone too. All the people you write about in Varnastrama, they're gone. It’s as though the most important part of your adult life, your work, has been taken from you.”

“They’re not gone. They’re in Pittsburgh.”

“In a gallery basement. Can you go get something and bring it home with you if you have a new idea for your work?”

“No.” I’m allowed to go and look at my stuff, that’s all.”

“Isaac, I don’t like to say something like this, but at the very least Ruth should be in jail. She has stolen your life. She has taken your adult life as an artist and dreamer and she has had it locked in a basement in Pittsburgh. Get over the grieving, please. Instead, be angry with Ruth!

“How will that help?”

“You’ll be able to move on to something else.”

“Henry, I’m 84. What do I move on to.”

“Isaac, you are a remarkably healthy 84. I have patients in their 50’s in worse shape than you are. You could live to be 94, even 100. Do you want to sit in Pine Needle Manor feeling sorry for yourself for the next 10 years?”

John Ashcroft Says He Never Heard About or Was Informed of the August 6, 2001 PDB


So much for the information in that brief having been widely circulated in the government as both Dr. Rice and President Bush stated.

However, the August 7th PDB has no mention of bin Laden’s imminent threat against the USA and that is the information that was circulated.


Bush Visits Pennsylvania


And, surprise, surprise - he pushes for the renewal of the Homeland Security Act.

Big Daddy wants to watch over us.

Did you know that the act allows for the government to arrest citizens based on the books we read. The damned thing needs to be taken apart piece by piece and closely examined before it is renewed!

*Image acquired from - Timothy Lynch, “More surveillance equals less liberty:
Patriot Act reduces privacy, undercuts judicial review,” The Hill, Sunday April 18, 2004, http://www.hillnews.com/news/091003/ss_lynch.aspx (visited Sunday, April 18, 2004, 10:11 A.M., EDT)

*2 Image acquired from Scott Lindlaw, “Bush Calls For Renewal of Patriot Act,” AFP/Getty, AOL News, Elections 2004, updated April 20, 12:31 A.M. EDT. (viewed April 20, 6:23 AM EDT)

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