April 07, 2004

The Weather

Inside and out
It’s cold.
Rain, rain, and Cold!
Fits this old
Fart's mold
Mouldy, wet mood
You sad old dude

Rain, rain, and Cold!
You can’t control the cold.
But, you can fix the mood.
Banish the cold in your old head, Dude

It’s Old News Now, but Eight More American Soldiers Were Killed in Iraq Sunday Past

Hundreds of Iraqis were killed or wounded in the worst rioting since the war ended. Eight American troops lost their lives. This time the Shiites were involved. The Shiites are the largest religious sect in Iraq and were persecuted by the Sunis during Saddam Hussain’s regime. They are composed of many small groups fighting for suppremacy over one another. In Kufa a group of Shiites took over the police station. The riots seem to have been sparked by the arrest of an aid to anti-American cleric Mugtada-al Sadr. The aid is one of many arrested as suspects in the assassination of another Shiite cleric. Al-Sadr is quoted as saying “strike terror in the heart of your enemy.” * Turns out he's the leader of this rebellion!


I saw in the news Monday that a decision to increase troops in Iraq is to be made within 48 hours.

Rebellion is Contagious

12 more marines were killed and 66 Iraqis in fighting during the past 24 hours. The American death count must be around 630.

Why isn’t it obvious that we are seen by Iraqis as having repladced Saddam with a worse tyrany, the tyrany of the infidel. Whatever made the oil Oligarchy and Mr. Bush think this was something they could do easily? What is it that keeps over 50 percent of Americans marching calmly, leming-like behind him in this Twenty-First Century Vietnam? It’s obvious Mr. Bush doesn’t care about Americans. He cares about OIL!.

Yesterday Ted Kennedy said “Iraq is President George W. Bush’s Vietnam.”

* image acquired from Blood for Oil, “http://www.bloodforoil.org/dubyah/” (Viewed Wednesday, April 7, 2004, 6:09 A. M. EST)

*Mohammed, Khalid, “Riots Kill at least 50 Iraqis, Eigth Troops,” AP on AOL News at “thttp://aolsvc.news.aol.com/news/article.adp?id=2004040406300999000”, posted 05/05/04 03:35 EDT (viewed 6:28 A.M. EST)

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