March 16, 2004

Ruth Called

She wants me to come to dinner Friday night. She said that it will be the 4 of us, Ruth, Samuel, the Professor and myself. I agreed to arrive at Orchard Hill ar 5:30 for cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres. For some reason I have a sense of foreboding about this dinner. Ah, well, I suppose I’m just being weird.

Al-Qaida Claims Responsibility for Madrid Bombings

Was there any doubt? Not on my part.

It is sad and horrifying that once again Al-Qaida has killed so many innocent people. And, we must destroy this disgusting and evil organization. However, as a nation we are also responsible. We committed a brobdingnagian act of terror by invading Iraq. We are responsible for the deaths of 10,000 Iraqi civilians (men, women, and children), 200 Spanish, and 560 of our own in this misbegotten invasion of an Arab nation. Iraq is not directly linked to Al-Qaida, and even if it were able to be so linked, the ordinary citizens, like you and me, were not, and are not responsible for the evil acts carried out by this group of maniacal Al-Qaida fanatics.

Spain's New Government Disavows Iraq War

Mr. Bush’s 23rd crusade is a disaster!

Mr. Bush should be impeached!

There, I said it. I refuse to call him, “Mr. President,” because he is not my president. Al Gore is.


There is a small voice deep down inside saying, “be reasonable, Isaac.”

Well, I’m not being reasonable. I don’t want to be reasonable. I’m angry!

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